Team Management: Experience Vision

“The best things we do today were started somewhere down on the shop floor.”


Our experience vision for our team (‘Team Management’) centers around team-led continuous improvement. At SafetyCulture, we believe anyone can become a continuous improvement specialist — and that the teams who do the work each day are the ones who know best what the opportunities are, and how to improve.

This idea applies not only to our customers, but also to our product team culture. We’re empowered to “be bold and bring action” every day in our business. We created this vision together with a series of collaborative workshops that included the whole product team, and our key stakeholders — it reflects the best of all our ideas.

Team members present and review storyboard ideas

This experience vision is a ‘flag in the sand’ for the ideal customer experience we aim to create over the next 2-4 years. It shows where we fit in as a platform team, supporting all product features. It is designed to be a memorable story, focused on the customer problem we’re solving, rather than on specific technologies or interfaces that may become outdated.

In our future vision:

  1. Teams will always have access to standardized processes across their organization that will help them do quality work and identify improvement opportunities on a daily basis.
  2. When they identify areas of improvement, they will be empowered to work together and create their own local processes to experiment, learn, and find innovative solutions without disrupting the wider organization.
  3. Team managers will be able to quickly identify teams that are improving, and can easily “zoom in” to virtually visit any team. (Virtual Gemba.)
  4. New ideas from the frontline can be easily shared, communicated, and taught to all teams, allowing the entire organization to improve together.

There’s been plenty of trial and error and learnings getting to this point — but this has become one of our favourite tools for making research memorable, and building shared agreement around ‘where are we heading with our product’.

I’m so proud of this latest visualisation of our vision.

I have written up a step-by-step guide to our process for creating an experience vision.