Building a new design team

LendInvest, 2016

Joining LendInvest in January ’16, I was charged with building an Experience Design team, while simultaneously completing multiple complex design projects.

I started off with a single UI designer, but we have now grown to a well-rounded team of three – a mix of talent that’s responsible for both UX and design research across the whole LendInvest digital experience. This has included our public web presence, support and blog content sites, our investment portal, a focussed website (and tools) for intermediaries, and also our internal staff tools.

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CHOICE (website redesign)

DT Digital, CHOICE Australia, 2013-2015

CHOICE have been a trusted and valuable Australian institution for more than 50 years. An independent and member-funded organisation, their mission to help Australian consumers make better purchasing decisions: by reviewing consumer products, services and organisations, and advising and campaigning on issues as diverse as banking fees, energy efficiency, and food labelling.

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Toyota 86: The Fun Police

Proximity Wellington, Toyota New Zealand, 2012

For the exciting launch of the new Toyota 86 sports car, New Zealand’s first shipment was hijacked by a mysterious organisation calling themselves ‘The Fun Police’.

This sparked a nationwide hunt for the missing vehicle that spanned multiple advertising channels – both online and off.

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KiwiRail Scenic Journeys (website redesign)

Clemenger BBDO, KiwiRail, 2011-2013

This project involved the complete re-design and re-concept of the KiwiRail “TranzScenic” website to an exciting new “Scenic Journeys” brand.

The new site was designed to help customers ‘put the train in their trip’ and be inspired about the great places and activities the train could take them to.

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Rightcar (website redesign)

Clemenger BBDO, NZ Transport Agency, 2011-2013

This project involved the complete re-design of the RightCar.govt.nz website for the New Zealand Transport Agency, and later a series of targeted mobile versions.

This great website aims to help people discover how safe their own car is and educate them about choosing a safer car for the next time they buy.

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Toyota FJ: Top To Bottom (launch campaign)

Proximity Wellington, Toyota New Zealand, 2011

Toyota wanted to celebrate the Land Cruiser’s 60 year anniversary as a legendary kiwi icon, and launch a brand new Land Cruiser – the ‘FJ’.

We decided to take the FJ for an epic test drive – from the top to the bottom of New Zealand – proving its off-road credentials and taking kiwis along for a “legendary journey” through seldom-seen parts of our beautiful country.

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